• Italydecember

    Ten things to do in Italy in December

    Looking for ways to brighten the darkest month of the year? From ski slopes to fire festivals, marathons to markets, Italy has plenty to offer. Read more to find out.  

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  • Italydry

    2017 was Italy’s driest year since 1800

    Between December 2016 and November 2017 Italy saw its lowest total rainfall since 1800, the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, part of Italy’s National Research Council, said this week. All but three months had below average rainfall, August by as much as -82 percent. The …

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  • ThanksgivingCornucopia 56a7c11e5f9b58b7d0ed87b1

    Thanksgiving in Italy

    Many cultures have been celebrating harvests for centuries. Thesmophria is an ancient Greek harvest festival. Southwest American Indians perform a Corn Dance, the Jewish people celebrate Sukkot, which marks the end of the agricultural year and coincides with the final harvest before the onset of winter, and many Asian …

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  • Fico

    Touring FICO Eataly World, a Magical Kingdom of Pasta

    Bologna, nicknamed la grassa—“the fat one”—for its wealth and edible delicacies, is located in Italy’s Emilia Romagna region, thebirthplace of tortellini, Parmesan, prosciutto, and balsamic vinegar. Foodies have long hopped on the two-hour train from Rome to hunt down the flavors nestled in the picturesque city …

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  • Italynationalanthem

    Italy finally has an official national anthem

    It’s official: Italy has a national anthem, just in time for the World Cup… oh. No one will be singing it on the stands in Russia, more’s the pity, but Italian footballers, fans and schoolchildren can rest assured that the next time they’re required to …

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  • 14salaCOLOR Inyt Master315

    Abortion in Italy, a Right Wronged

    Late last month, Cosimo Borraccino, a left-wing member of the regional council for Apulia, in southern Italy, proposed passing a local law to require the enforcement of national legislation granting women access to abortion. His opponents on the council, mostly from center-right parties, said the …

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  • E24da060acc133d0f637d78dbf42da3e835a0a1a1e58d20c737ebd037dc0be95

    Is this the world’s most international business school?

    ESCP Europe isn’t just one of the world’s leading business schools. It’s also a chance for students to have a truly international undergraduate experience. “It’s rare to find a programme where there is no dominant nationality,” says ESCP Europe programme director Hélène Louit. “This year …

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  • Italysoccer

    World Cup 2018: Italy and the nightmare of their play-off against Sweden

    You have to be over 60 to remember a World Cup without Italy. Six decades ago, a 2-1 defeat by Northern Ireland in Belfast meant the Azzurri stayed at home and had to listen to the tournament on the radio. It’s why nobody in Italy …

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  • How Not To Get Ripped Off In Italy

    Earlier today, Venice hit the headlines when a British family was charged €526 for lunch. The 40-year-old from Birmingham was eating at Trattoria Casanova in the central San Marco district with his parents. They say they ordered one pasta dish and two sides. They were duly brought …

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  • Travel Palermo 6081a9d2 C381 11e7 A621 6b23f0f703d9

    Old world charm: Here’s why you should head to Palermo, Italy’s cultural capital

    For many travelers, Italy is seen as romantic, mysterious and a bit chaotic, with torpid heat, gorgeously rich colors and irresistible food. In reality, of course, every region has a distinct culture and identity. But Palermo, the ancient capital of Sicily and jewel of the Mediterranean, lives up …

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