Vendemmia Handcrafted Wine Contest

2017 Vendemmia Handcrafted Wine Contest


For 2017, the Vendemmia Da Vinci continues a long-standing tradition of selecting the best locally made wine through its Handcrafted Wine Contest. The Societa Da Vinci invites non-commercial winemakers in Delaware and the surrounding tri-state area (Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey) to bring their best handcrafted vintages to the contest. Wines will be judged in three classes: red, white and dessert (sweet wines), and ribbons awarded for the #1, #2 and #3 ranked bottles. Winners will be announced at the Vendemmia and published in the Italian-American Herald. All entries will receive a certificate of participation.

The contest will be a blind-tasting where poured samples of each wine will be evaluated by panels of judges selected by the Da Vinci Society for the event. Each wine will be evaluated on characteristics of Appearance, Aroma/Bouquet, Taste/Texture, Aftertaste and the judge’s Overall Impression using the American Wine Society’s 20-point scale. Total points awarded by all judges will be the basis for selecting the winning wines, and the decision of the judges will be final.

The Handmade Wine Contest is always a popular event. We encourage winemakers to bring additional bottles of wine to share with the public!


To enter the contest, complete a registration form and pay the $5 per bottle entry fee on this website.  You must provide a full bottle of each wine entered to the Societa da Vinci before the contest begins. You may bring your to the judges’ table at the Vendemmia before 1:30pm on October 8th. Registration will close when 60 bottles have been entered. No un-registered entries will be accepted at the Vendemmia.

For this contest, wines must be provided in cork-sealed bottles labeled with the name of the winemaker, the judging category (red, white or dessert), wine name and the grapes and other ingredients), and the year bottled. Other information such as the vineyard location, fermentation or aging details may be provided if desired. Note that only wine made by local, noncommercial winemakers will be accepted for this contest.


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